About Bill

Professionally, I'm a retired Industrial Engineer (BASc, PEng.). But, I've also been drawing and painting most of my life.

As a child I followed my dad on sketching trips (he was a retired RCAF officer who painted and taught). I drew some awesome futuristic cars, planes and rocket-ships!

At school I loved art classes; did posters, school annuals, cartoons, and such. At work, I drew many sales presentations and marketing plans, and sketched outdoors when I could.

When I retired, I took formal art classes from a number of professional artists (Rita Edwards, Grant Fuller, Alan Edwards, Brian Johnson, Harry Heine, Eric Gravenor, Andres Bohaker) and  many workshops and life drawing sessions; and began painting seriously about 1985. My work began to sell!

My early work was in water-colour. I gradually moved to larger format painting in acrylic on canvas. I like the brightness and freshness of acrylic paint, the fast drying time and the ease of water-based clean-up. I also like to move easily from watercolor style washes to impasto textures. 

Over all, I wanted to capture the feeling of life on the west coast and the mostly gentle, peaceful, beautiful lifestyle found here. Hanging all of my work on a wall would tell a story of my life among the pacific coast islands; a great place to live, work and raise a family.

I'm a retired juried member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), and Landscape Artists International (LAI).Contact Me »

Here's my last garage studio: